Lonnie RayMeet The Shop Keeper my adventures in computer science all started in the early eighties. And from that time till now I have witnessed exponential growth in this technology that is cosmic in scale and universally dynamic in its conception and execution. I’ve been using HTML since the creation and implementation of HTTP over the internet.

Ten years before the Internet as we know it, I was what’s called a SysOp running bulletin board system’s using Bulletin Board System software and 1200 bit per second Hayes Smartmodems. Back then a partner and I created and sold Shareware CD-ROMS to other SysOps so the users would have a reason to visit their corner of the world. Also at this time, we used FIDONET and an old school merchant account so customers could call in their orders and we would take their credit card info over the phone. I was doing e-commerce ten years before the term was coined.

I am jacked into the 21st century coming to you live from the fringe, all profound all the time for 35 years. I am Old school technology rock star my love is design my passion is code. To this end, I have designed, coded, bugged, debugged, uploaded, downloaded, bought and paid for, and finally brought to the public my site BUCKS2BURN.COM. Why did I do all this? I have always wanted to own a shop with products I hand pick and bring value to my customers, and now I do.

I (Lonnie Ray (AKA: Shop Keeper) take the time to research products at this site. I do not post any product that is deemed totally dangerous and can kill you such as “Alcohol Vaper Products” or “3d Printer Plans for a Single Shot Pistol” like some other sites of this nature will. However, common sense products(meaning you should know better) such as knives, repeating air soft pistols, cross bows and the like are open game. Also, I am not responsible for your children. It is your responsibly as a parent to police your own children. And it is the children’s responsibly to know better. If you think this makes me a bad person, please feel free to shop somewhere else.

You can help me find recalled defective products that I am bound to miss my contacting me here. I thank for being here and happy shopping.