Gummi Bear Anatomy Model Kit

Gummi Bear Anatomy Model Kit
I bet you never dissected a Gummi Bear before, well now you can. Learn all about the anatomy of those delicious fruit flavored candies. Have your kids take it to their next show and tell and they will be the talk of the town.

The Gummi Bear by Jason Freeny is a delicious species of bear from Germany and has since spread to every continent. Since the 1920’s scientists have attempted to study the Gummi Bear and now, moderns scientists have given us a detailed report of the Gummi Bear’s internal anatomy. Art inspired by artist Jason Freeny. 41 fully-detachable organ and body parts. (Gummi Bear candy not included.) The 4D fictional animal anatomy model is transparent to show internal organs and structure. Includes assembly guide. 8-1/2″ tall. Ages 8 and up. You can find more from 4D Master here.

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